The Best Design Platforms for NFT Creators in 2022

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Featured image by SkillzOut via Pixabay 

Pak’s “The Merge” is considered the most expensive NFT art. This is because it sold for more than $91 million.

Have you ever wondered if you, too, could create NFT art? Perhaps you have an idea that will rival that of Pak’s. Just be sure to use top-notch software to bring your creative idea to life.

Find out the best design platforms for NFT creators such as yourself, as well as the best places to market and sell your NFT art through this article.

Ready to become the next Pak and create the next “The Merge”? Let’s get started.

What Is an NFT?

You might be coming here blind not knowing what an NFT is. We get it. It’s completely understandable. After all, NFTs do seem a bit complicated. Let’s just start with the basics.

NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens. This means that these tokens are unique and distinct. There are no other tokens in its likeness but, what are these tokens? Are they money? Coins? No. These tokens serve as digital representations of real-life assets such as art.

These assets which are typically images of artworks are then uploaded onto NFT marketplaces—a popular one being OpenSea—to be sold to the highest bidder. But do you need help figuring out the technicalities of NFTs such as NFT art?

What Is the Best Software for Designing an NFT?

If you want to design appealing NFTs, you need the best equipment. An NFT creator’s best friend is top-notch software that helps them create stunning, eye-catching pieces of art. You can hire a graphic designer off a specialized job board like Web3 Jobs to make sure you hire people who are passionate about NFTs. Alternatively, you can design and create your own. 

However, the problem is, what software should you use? Here are some of the best software programs you can use to create and design NFTs.

1.   Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is the best software for art and design. It’s almost every professional graphic designer’s choice of software. This is because it is a tool with tons of features that help you create anything from icons to graphics to NFTs.

Some of the features Illustrator includes are 3D effects and tutorials for those who want to master graphic design. Learning to use Illustrator will also help you greatly in the graphic design field and make you more appealing as a graphic designer.

2.   NFT Creator

NFT creator is another app you can use to create quality NFTs. You can edit fonts, graphics, templates, and more so, it’s very beginner-friendly. While this its basic features are free to use, there are in-app purchases that will help elevate your NFTs. If you’re using an Apple device, we highly suggest this app.

3.   NightCafe

The third design platform on this list is NightCafe. It’s relatively easy to use although you will still have to familiarize yourself with the features, create a bulk number of digital artworks, and get access to tons of features without having to pay.

Unfortunately, once the free trial ends, you’ll have to pay to keep creating and designing NFTs there. But while it’s still free for you, you can enjoy what NightCafe has to offer and decide from there whether the fee is worth it.

4.   Hotpot

Looking for AI-powered software to create custom, high-quality NFT art? Enter Hotpot. Hotpot is software that allows you to edit images with a variety of effects, create appealing descriptions, and do minor edits for free for 30 days.

It’s an easy-to-use, beginner-friendly platform where you can create and edit NFTs. From sharpening tools that improve an image’s quality to changing the color of the image itself, this software has it all.

5.   Krita

Another illustration and design program is Krita. It allows you to create concept art, storyboards, animations, and more via sophisticated brushes and filters. The best part about all this is that it’s free.

Note that Krita is more attuned to animations. While you can still edit photos, the tools are quite limited.

Where Can I Market and Sell My NFTs?

NFTs can be sold and bought through NFT marketplaces. Some of the most popular NFT marketplaces are OpenSea and Axie Marketplace. While there are many marketplaces you can use to sell your NFTs, these are the two more popular ones. If you’re starting, these are the two marketplaces you should upload, mint, and sell your NFTs in. After all, they’re already trustworthy and have quite a number of buyers so you’ll be able to reach many people.

Should I Market My NFT on Social Media?

The short answer? Yes. The most expensive NFT to date was sold for over $90 million. The question is, how do you sell your NFT for an equally high or even higher price?

Given that over 4 billion people use social media, it’s safe to say that taking advantage of social media to market your NFTs is a good idea. After all, social media such as Instagram does give you the stage to build a platform that engages your target audience, turns the said audience into followers, and finally turns followers into customers.

Let’s take a closer look at why social media is one of the key places to market your NFTs.

1.   Instagram Is a Great Place for Building Community

Because of the number of people using Instagram, you’re guaranteed a diverse community on this platform. So no matter how niche and unique your art is, you will find people who will enjoy your art and want to join your community.

It goes to show how you can use Instagram to build communities and form connections with your target audience.

2.   Plus, It’s Free!

Given how efficient and useful Instagram is, you’d think you’d have to pay to use it. Perhaps that’s the best part. You can access its extensive features for free!

All you have to do is download Instagram, create an account, and use Creator Studio to start posting content and growing a following.

3.   Use Social Media to Reach Thousands of People

When you want to spread a message, there’s no better way to do that than through social media. If you have enough of a following, you can post almost anything and reach hundreds, if not thousands and millions, of people in seconds.

The Takeaway

We’ve provided you with everything you need to create impressive NFT art so you can become an NFT expert.

There are so many ways you can create eye-catching NFT art. Sometimes, you just need the right software. You can choose from many software programs such as Adobe Illustrator for the pros and Pixelied if you really want to get fancy. In fact, Pixelied helps you create mockups, add captions to your photos, and do other types of photo editing easily.

What are you waiting for? NFTs create a world possibilities and they’re all just waiting for you.

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