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The Power Gauge Report is a monthly newsletter that offers subscribers stock picks with exceptional earning potential. Members receive not only the monthly newsletter, but also access to the firm’s research tools and a whole lot more. In this Power Gauge Report review, we examine why a subscription to this service is so important for individual investors.


In 2008, Marc Chaikin had retired to Connecticut after spending 50 years on Wall Street. During that time, he helped big investors make big money. Among his achievements is an indicator that works with remarkable accuracy to predict stock movements. That indicator is still the gold standard for institutional investors today.

But when the market crashed that year, Chaikin’s wife lost roughly half the value of her 401(k) plan. As he explained in a recent interview, that rubbed him the wrong way. So he decided to make his experience available to individual investors.

By subscribing to The Power Gauge Report you will gain access to the monthly newsletter. But perhaps even better, you’ll also have access to Chaikin’s proprietary indicator and a whole lot more.

Why Do You Need The Power Gauge Report?

If you have been dabbling in trading stocks for a while, then you know it can be a risky business. Most individual investors need all the help they can get. But helping individual investors was a key reason Chaikin founded Chaikin Analytics. Some of the most valuable investing advice you will ever find is in The Power Gauge Report and the bonuses that come with your subscription.

Of course, instead of subscribing to this service, you could do all of your own research. You could track down leads and research new startups. You could seek out analysts and read all their reports. But you and I both know you probably won’t do that. Who has that kind of time? And who has the depth of experience it would take to be successful with that?

Marc Chaikin does, that’s who.

Chaikin’s proprietary indicator does the tedious research. His wealth of experience lays the groundwork. His firm’s proprietary tools gather and analyze data to choose among the vast galaxy of publicly traded stocks. Then he serves them up to you in The Power Gauge Report every month. It’s then up to you to pick and choose from among them to round out your portfolio.


Let The Power Gauge Report Help You Leave Your Emotions Out of the Picture

It’s not easy, but you should try to leave your emotions aside when choosing and trading stocks. Most individual investors have trouble doing that.

Chaikin Analytics and The Power Gauge Report can help.

The proprietary Chaikin tool looks at a company’s earnings and financials. It applies technical analysis to publicly shared data. Importantly, it predicts the massive flows of institutional money.

In the end, its monthly recommendations are second to none because the research is thorough and exacting. Moreover, it’s based on Chaikin’s years of investing experience.

Simply by using the “Power Pulse” software that comes with your subscription, you’ll find yourself making better investing decisions. And the monthly newsletter and the reports you’ll also get with your subscription will help you become a better investor.

What’s more, your subscription comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. If within 30 days you don’t find it valuable, you can get your money back.

What Will You Get with Your Subscription?

Along with your subscription to the monthly newsletter, you’ll also receive:

  • Special updates and briefings
  • Access to the “Power Pulse” software
  • A special report entitled, Marc Chaikin’s “Four Power Picks” for Retirement
  • Another special report called, The Power Gauge: How to Double Your Money on the Best Stocks
  • A mystery gift that comes with your confirmation email
  • A 100% money-back guarantee

Are You Ready to Become a Better Investor?

Do you want to stop dabbling and get serious about your investing? Are you ready to become a better investor? Then you need The Power Gauge Report.

Moreover, have you been trying to plan for your retirement but still feel at a loss? Then Marc Chaikin’s special report about the “Four Power Picks” for retirement should pique your interest. That alone should persuade you to subscribe now. According to Chaikin, these are four stocks that you could hold in your retirement portfolio forever.


Finally, with time, patience, and a little help from a subscription to The Power Gauge Report, you will become a more successful investor.

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