Google Passage Update: What You Need to Know

May 21, 2021 | 0 comments

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Anyone who has tried to find information online knows that quality content can be found in the strangest places. The fact is that good content is sometimes hidden or buried under a load of unnecessary information. According to dNovo Group, SEO specialists for lawyers, long text can dilute the desired content. The new Google passageĀ page experience update announced by Google will offer some relief for many web pages.

The announcement regarding passage indexing may have elicited some confusion. However, more information has since come to light. Google explained that indexing will not be onindividual passages, but on pages.

About Passage Ranking

Google has indicated that while ranking will still be based on pages, the passages in the page now count. This means that all the information on the page will be considered when ranking. Thepassages will provide an additional factor when ranking the websites. This means that now morethan ever, good content is vital.

According to Google, the new update will result in an improvement in searches in all languages. By indexing passages from the pages, users can get specific information every time they carry out a search.

Passage Update’s Objective

The new design of the Google passage update highlights key passages from a web page. This means thatsearch users can find relevant results instead of a broad subject on the topic. The main objective isto help only retrieve the content that is relevant to the user.

A search will be able to unearth crucial information that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. While the current algorithm has been considering the entire page as a whole, the new update willtarget passages.


Importance of Great Content

Google has clarified that web-masters do not need to make drastic changes on the sites to preparefor the passage updates. Instead, site owners should focus on coming up with great content whilecontinuing to improve their site visibility.

Creating high quality content and having quality pages will offer value to users. At the end of the day, the new system aims to reward great pages with great content. Furthermore, this will make Google searchmore attractive to web users.

Properly Structured Content

Content creators who have failed to implement SEO best practices focusing on great content risklosing their ranking. However, the new technology will enhance the ability of the search engine to identifyand rank relevant passages.

With Google’s update, if the web page is not well structured, the passages may be lost. This means that site owners should ensure that the content on the page is relevant, updated, and properly structured. This willhelp to ensure that site owners get the most from the update.


SEO-Optimized Websites

The fact that Google is now able to identify and rank individual passages means that content really is king. The algorithm is now sifting through content and coming up with different passages within the content based on the query. The same content can have a different ranking based on the passage that is relevant to the query.

Furthermore, site owners have to ensure they provide detailed content on their web pages. According to dNovo Group, SEO specialists for lawyers, the right content will lead a large number of visitors to the page, resulting in higher rankings. Thus, by creating and delivering thorough content, site owners will not have to worry about losing ranking. Prioritizing user experience is and will always be essential.


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