Diversify Your Portfolio to Meet Your Investment Goals

Diversify Your Portfolio to Meet Your Investment Goals

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Have you heard that you should diversify your portfolio? By the end of this article, you will better understand how you can better diversify your portfolio. This understanding will help you make better decisions and will go a long way in helping you meet your goals.


The main goal of having a diversified portfolio is to be able to absorb shocks caused by economic disruption. You can diversify in various ways. This includes increasing the asset types in your portfolio as well increasing the classes of those assets. Investing in different industries is also a way to diversify.

In this manner, you won’t be investing all of your money in one particular way. The COVID-19 pandemic showed us all the advantages of diversification. This is because some sectors completely tanked during the pandemic as other industries thrived. We learned that nobody knows the future. And we also learned that diversification is the key to improving our chances of doing well and standing up to market challenges.

1. Diversify Your Portfolio to Maintain a Balance in Your Asset Allocations

Asset allocation is not easy. You need to maintain a balance between guaranteed returns and risk. The stock market has the potential to generate excessive returns but it is also risky. Conversely, bonds generate steady returns with little risk, but those returns tend to be lower.

You will need to decide on your own ideal asset allocation ratio on the basis of your financial goals and your age. For example, if you are younger, you might want to assume more risks. At this time in your life, experts generally recommend an asset allocation ratio of seventy to thirty, favoring stocks over bonds.

On the other hand, if you are an investor in your fifties and are looking forward to retiring soon, you might not want to take on as much risk as a younger investor. Your goal would be to generate a reliable retirement income. In such cases, it would be a better choice to make bonds a significant part of your total portfolio.

2. Learn About Risk Management

You need to learn how to analyze risks before investing money in any stock. You can use a variety of parameters for performing risk analysis. These include a company’s regulatory compliance, its corporate governance, its performance history, and its brand value.

Also, when you’re performing risk analysis on a company, take a broad look at their operations. Then make an educated guess regarding the increase or decrease in their valuation.

There are many publications and platforms as well as investing apps that can help you with this research. Nonetheless, it is important for you to perform your own research as you diversify your portfolio. But many investors also take advantage of the deep analysis offered by experienced investment analysts.

3. Acquire Some Money Market Securities

You should also think about owning some money market securities as you seek to diversify your portfolio. Some common examples of this type of assets include treasury bills, commercial papers, and certificates of deposit. There isn’t much risk to these assets. Moreover, you won’t have any difficulty in liquidating these investments when you are in a pinch. However, their asset value doesn’t grow as quickly as riskier investments do.

4. Consider Bonds That Offer Systematic Cash Flow for a More Diversified Portfolio

Do you need cash without liquidating your investments into a savings plan? Then choose mutual funds that offer systematic cash flow. These mutual funds are known as systematic withdrawal plans.

In simple terms, these plans allow you to make withdrawals at regular intervals, which could be monthly or quarterly. You have complete control over the amount. This could be a fixed amount or a portion of the profits.

You also have the option of a systematic transfer plan where fixed amounts are transferred between mutual funds. This is an excellent way to balance and fine tune your investment portfolio as you continue to diversify.

5. Keep Track of Global Financial Markets

Start taking an interest in global financial markets as you diversify your portfolio. This will help you to better understand how the money market moves. In most cases, everything is related to the concept of supply and demand, but there are always some other factors.

Some of these factors might include interest rates, policies of the Federal Reserve, and inflation. With experience, you will know the best way to analyze global markets and also how to make money with different currencies.

6. Rebalance Your Portfolio Regularly to Keep It Diversified

Don’t think of your portfolio as something you need to set up once and then forget about. The money market is always moving. This is why you need to regularly balance and fine tune your portfolio.

You may want to use either a robo-advisor or a human financial advisor to review your portfolio’s performance against your financial goals. Their analysis will determine the need for adjustments, and you can ask them to suggest alternatives.


7. Set up a Systematic Investment Plan

Most people don’t have a ton of cash lying around to make investments with. But even if you’re cash-poor, this does not mean that you cannot start investing. You can start with small amounts.

One of the best ways to get started is through a systematic investment plan. This plan allows you to put a small sum of money into mutual funds every month. This method will keep your portfolio balanced and fairly diversified.

This is an excellent way to for beginners to begin investing money and building a portfolio. You don’t need to worry about your monthly contributions as they can be directly debited from your bank account. This is a great way for beginners to learn investment discipline. It also introduces you to the concept of making small savings each month to build your future.


8. Purchase Life insurance

Investment may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of life insurance, but it is an important piece of your portfolio. Especially if you are young, now is the best time to get life insurance. Individuals who are young and healthy tend to get the lowest policy rates. Besides, life insurance is another good way to diversify your portfolio.


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YITH Wonder: A New Free WordPress Theme with Support for WooCommerce and Full-Site Editing

YITH Wonder: A New Free WordPress Theme with Support for WooCommerce and Full-Site Editing

YITH, a WooCommerce plugin development company that was acquired by Newfold Digital in March 2022, has released its first block theme on WordPress.org. YITH Wonder is now listed among 122 other block themes that support full-site editing and have recently gained their own menu link in the directory to improve their visibility.

YITH Wonder includes 24 different patterns – many of them aimed at shops. Since the company specializes in WooCommerce products, it’s no surprise that YITH Wonder offers corresponding styles for WooCommerce products, shop pages, cart, and checkout.

The theme also includes three full-page patterns for different homepage layouts and designs. These are very helpful for quickly putting together a page without having to hunt for and place each pattern in the right place. The full-page patterns can easily be previewed on the theme’s listing on WordPress.org: (Homepage 1, Homepage 2, and Homepage 3).

YITH Wonder comes with six different style variations that make it easy to change the the accent color combinations and typography for the site.

Check out the live demo on the theme’s website. One handy feature on the demo is that you can click “Launch Sandbox” to instantly spin up a test site with the theme and WooCommerce pre-loaded. The sandbox sites expire after one hour. This gives a user the opportunity to explore the full-site editing features and see if the theme will work for their particular use case. For example, users can see how the WooCommerce product catalog template will look with their own customizations applied. The theme packages two dozen different templates and template parts that can be customized inside the Site Editor.

YITH Wonder is listed as a multi-purpose WordPress theme in the directory but it really shines as one of the few free block-based themes built with WooCommerce in mind. Creating a new page and slapping one of the full-page patterns on it is a delightful experience that will save users time in getting started and also enable them to build targeted pages featuring different product categories or sale items.

YITH Wonder is available to download on WordPress.org for free. I couldn’t find any documentation for the theme, but it may be available once the company formally announces the theme on the YITH website.

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Diversify Your Portfolio to Meet Your Investment Goals

Setting up Your Business Website

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An effective website is one of the best tools a small business has. With a well-planned business website, customers can place orders, leave feedback, and get updates on necessary information from the company.

Unfortunately, many new business owners aren’t entirely sure how to set up a company site. The following steps will help even the most non-techy business owner set up a productive website for their brand.


Create a Custom Domain for Your Business Website

The first step to creating an effective business website is to find a custom domain name. This will give you a URL where customers can find your site. Therefore, so it’s vital for the name to be relevant to your business.

The best domain names feature the business name exactly as it’s written in the copyright, but that may not always be available. Before creating a custom domain, it’s essential to check domain availability. If another company already owns the name, it’s possible to use a service such as Namify to contact them and ask to buy it back.

Part of choosing a custom domain is keeping it simple. Because customers will be using your URL to find your business website regularly, it’s best to avoid extra numbers, abbreviations, and extra details. The closer the domain name is to the business name, the easier it will be for clients to remember. The last thing you want is for a client to accidentally go to a competitor’s site because there was a small detail missing from the URL.

Design a Layout

The second step in creating an effective business website is designing a layout. This stage of website design is mostly up to creativity. While certain site layouts will be more effective than others, most templates you will find on on-site building services have been proven to work. The page layouts should highlight products and services without being cluttered so customers can find information easily.

Along with product pages, there should be a section for customer contact and feedback. A majority of small business revenue comes from repeat clients. One of the primary ways to get people to come back to your business website is to make them feel valued.

By emphasizing feedback, businesses can both improve their practices and keep their client base happy. This high level of customer satisfaction will help small businesses increase revenue and boost their reach. Because of these facts, the layout of the company site is crucial.


Connect Ordering Systems on Your Business Website

Finally, it’s time to connect ordering systems. If your business website is more about online selling rather than customer connection, having a mobile point of sale (POS) is crucial. Many website generators offer automatic setup of payment portals through Stripe or Paypal. Depending on what payment medium a business uses, they can set up their payments and discount codes fairly easily.

Along with ensuring the website runs on computers, business owners need to test their site and ordering systems on mobile devices, too. Most customers will be accessing the site via their smartphones. Therefore, having payment systems that work on mobile is vital to the site’s success. Also, testing the site before launching will help identify any bugs that need to be addressed.

Creating a website is vital to the success of your small business. By using various helping sites like Namify, business owners can get their sites up and running.


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We all saw it at grocery stores in 2020. The shelves, once brimming with toilet paper and hand soap, were bare. We hid in our homes, deep-cleaning every surface, occasionally braving the threat of COVID-19 to hunt down the last remaining bottle of hand sanitizer in a 50-mile radius. We felt out of control, so…

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