Arc FSE: A New Multipurpose Block Theme for WordPress

Oct 26, 2022 | 0 comments

Olive Themes, a relatively new independent theme shop, has released its third block theme on the directory. Arc FSE is a high contrast, multipurpose theme, designed to enable a broad range of flexibility through support for full-site editing features.

The theme features the open source and exceptionally readable Poppins web font in various weights and sizes. The color palette is dark with a bright lemon-yellow accent color. It’s bold without being overly splashy, making it suitable for professional use cases.

Arc FSE does not come with any style variations, but users can easily change the accent colors for buttons, headings, and anything else by editing the templates.

The theme comes with 20 custom patterns, which make up different sections of the design. They are all conveniently grouped together under “Arc FSE” in the Patterns explorer, so you don’t have to hunt for the ones that belong to the theme. It includes full-page patterns for the home, about, services, and portfolio pages. There are also section patterns for things like the default footer, 404 page, a promotional video, sidebar, search cover block, services, and more.

When first installing Arc FSE, the home page is set up to be nearly identical to the demo, making it easy for users to get started customizing. It would be helpful to have a style guide for the theme, but for the most part you get what you see with the demo for the free version. Olive Themes also makes a pro version, which includes additional features, WooCommerce support, and more blocks for things like testimonials and star ratings.

Arc FSE is good option for businesses, agencies, foundations, or artists with portfolios. After less than a week, it’s already being used on more than 100 sites. The theme is available to download for free on

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