9 Reasons Customer Service Is Key to Business Growth

Apr 13, 2021 | 0 comments

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Many businesses believe customer service is key for success. It is seen as the latest entity that can boost company sales and performance if managed correctly. A proficient customer service department in the modern era tends to be the backbone of many companies, especially in the service providers market. Customers see all sorts of advantages in having a good customer service department. These advantages include free advertising from word-of-mouth, increasing sales of generally less demanded products, and more.

Customer service departments have seen a particular rise in demand in 2020, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One such service provider, Spectrum Internet, was among the very first internet service providers in the American market that focused on developing new strategies to deal with the highly variable issues at hand. Through Spectrum Customer Service, we did not only see their customer retention rise, but also their sales remained quite high, despite the economic condition the country was in during the pandemic. 

Why Is Customer Service Key to Business Growth?

1. Customer Retention Rate Is Always Better Than Customer Acquisition

So, by taking into account common statistics we can figure out why customer service is key to customer retention and customer satisfaction. So, if the customer retention rate is just equivalent to 5% we can predict a boost in profit of up to 25%. The primary reason for this is that happy customers are more inclined to spend more.


2. It Showcases Your Business’s Values, Brand Image, and Mission

The customer service representative acts as a representation of the company and are liable for the treatment of the customer, which is why they are the key to success. Also, a quality representative should leave the customer feeling happy, comfortable, and content. Nevertheless, this is exactly what all companies try to achieve for the reputation of their brand image. 

3. Satisfied Employees Create Satisfied Customers

A happy customer service representative will be more productive and produce higher performances. This is beneficial for the company in the long run. Besides this, modern work laws drive companies to provide facilities to maintain a quality workplace that employees want to return to the next day.

4. Satisfied Customers Promote Your Business

How many times have you heard someone complaining or raving about the service they got from one company? Word-of-mouth travels fast and can be positive or negative based on the customer’s experience with your business. So, it’s extremely important for a business’s reputation. A satisfied customer will always recommend your service to his or her friends and family. This is why great customer service is key to business growth.

5. A High Standard of Customer Service Builds Brand Loyalty

Generating brand loyalty is not everyone’s forte. However, brand loyalty is developed over time with consistent outstanding service in terms of products and services. A common understanding is that it’s more beneficial to preserve your current customers rather than investing money and time into finding new customers. 

6. Customers Pay More for Companies with Quality Customer Service

There are many individuals who prefer to pay slightly more than the market rate for a product or a service if they have great customer service. Many people appreciate a company who puts the customer first to keep them happy and satisfied. This is a great example why customer service is key to business growth and success.

7. Customer Service Reps Offer Valuable Insight

Also, the greatest essence of the customer service department is that new or potential customers can ask or consult the representatives about basic problems, issues, and plans that the old customers have had and have gone through.


8. Customer Service Grows the Lifetime Value of the Customer

Through the customer lifetime value ratios, the company can predict the total revenues that may be generated in the future concerning a customer. If the ratio value increases over time, then you could assume sales will be increasing in the future as well.

9. Active Customer Service Departments Create Marketing Opportunities

Perhaps the best technique currently available for businesses is to show a customer they are highly valued. So, they need to show that the company works day and night to ensure the customer gets the best service. Furthermore, this technique gives the customers a message that the company is constantly working to remove blockades or roadblocks the customer may face in the future. This is why customer service is key to business growth and success long-term.


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