6 Warning Signs Your Digital Marketers Are Underperforming

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Digital marketing is a fast-moving train. Down the way to a digital landscape with incredible speed and evolving every step. Unfortunately, the marketing department is in danger of losing their stops if their marketers do not follow the latest developments, technology, platforms, and best practices like in a digital marketing training class.

Here are six warning signs that your marketing department might fall behind the curve in the digital space.

1. Conversion Rate Is Under Expectations

Lead generation is one of the most vital tactical marketing activities for any organization. Conversion is a key metric that tells digital marketers how their performance is. Unfortunately, many marketing teams do not know enough formulas to achieve acceptable customer conversion rates. 

According to a study by MailChimp, an average email opens around 20%, and clicks through rate to the landing page is on average 2-3%. The landing page must be converted with a quality opportunity of around 2.35%. So, if you come around a 15% open level and under 2% on click conversion and landing pages, it’s time to rethink your digital lead gene approach. It’s time to find a new approach to campaign management, targeting, content, and execution.


2. You Still Don’t Have a Locked Cellular Strategy

Mobile is a new frontier for digital marketers. Especially since consumers now spend more time on their cellular devices, 51%, than on their desktop, 42%. The tipping point is not lost on the successful cellular marketers. Most of these companies have a “mobile-first” attitude when it comes to digital marketing strategies. If you have not framed your cellular approach in a way that utilizes this great opportunity, you will lose real benefits. For example, 53% out of 55% of users who click on cellular advertisements actually make a purchase.

3. Your Search Placement Ends on Page 3 or 4

Currently 57% of B2B marketers say that SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation. However, search engine optimization uses a clear strategy that focuses on placement and conversion to fix it. It is not easy to land on Google’s first page, but it is possible. It’s extremely valuable to land on the first page it is a quality opportunity.  

Currently, only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their SEO conversion rates. This makes SEO skills one of the most expensive in the digital marketing room. SEO marketers must understand the latest changes in Google search algorithms. They also must know how to keywords and search engine content impact content.


4. Internal Resources Do All Your Content Making

Product marketers sharpen their skills for years to create interesting marketing content that encourages successful campaigns. But, consumers are currently looking for more. Furthermore, 96% of B2B buyers want content with more input from industrial thought leaders, according to the Hubspot report. 

That means that marketers must further turn to external contributors (many of which are copied their content on some media) to help produce interesting ideas that help sell products and services. If you only hold fast to your internal resources, you should consider registering third-party author assistance. Also, ensure you have a well skilled internal writer to produce the right type of leadership of thought.

5. Your Social Site Imitates Your Website

Social media is another digital marketing field that requires time to master. Furthermore, it is the top priority of most companies with 83% of all marketers now actively pursue social media marketing initiatives. 

The most successful businesses know the nuances of content and social media campaigns. They know how to publish content pieces that are easily digested to design pages involving consumers more effectively. Social media sites are also the main choice for addressing customer service, placing responsibility for social marketers to develop social communities, and service organizational synchronization with customers.

6. Your Sales Team Still Does Things in Ancient Ways

The success of digital marketing does not stop with the marketing team. There is an increase of focus now on digital sales tactics. So, it’s up to marketers to provide their digital knowledge to sales organizations to ensure success. 

Sales leaders who embrace social and digital sales are 51% more likely to reach quota and 78% more likely to surpass their colleagues. If your sales team does things in ancient ways and don’t embrace digital tools and techniques, your marketers don’t do a pretty comprehensive job to share their best practices and contribute financially to the business.

Final Thoughts

These warning signs do not always mean you do not do adequate work on the front of digital marketing. However, they must function as a red flag to increase performance. It’s never too late to empower your digital marketers with the latest digital marketing courses to make sure you take steps in the right direction.


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