5 Mistakes Construction Project Managers Must Avoid

Oct 30, 2021 | 0 comments

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Successful completion of a construction project takes more than discussing it at the dining table. A manager also has to develop solid strategies that account for all the project’s complexities and provide valid solutions that bring the desired results.

Are you managing a construction project and want to ensure you don’t make any blunders? Then keep reading this article to learn about five common mistakes managers of construction projects must avoid.

1. Not Having a Proper Plan for Your Construction Project

The most important thing you need to make your construction project a success is an actionable plan. But if you and your team don’t know what you want to achieve with your construction plan, your project will be a complete mess.

Additionally, it’s always better gain clarity about the final goal you want to achieve. As with many other things, you can use technology to plan your construction project with construction project management software. This software will ensure that you miss no details, and you will therefore complete your project on time.

2. Not Using a Risk-Management Process

One of the essentials of project management is keeping the risk factors in mind. It’s quite natural to fall short of your project expectations, and you might even have to face unexpected problems. So how can you ensure that you continue your project and complete it when this happens?

The only way you can lead your team toward successfully completing your construction project is by having a proper risk-management plan. This plan will allow you to account for any sudden changes in the workflow. Then you will be able to overcome such hurdles by falling back on the planning you did earlier.


3. Failing to Train Construction Project Employees

The rapid pace at which industries are developing in today’s world calls for specific attention. Therefore, there is no benefit to working with strategies that don’t bring desired results. Moreover, they will keep you from enjoying the wonders of the latest technologies.

So how can you ensure that everyone involved in the project knows about the latest developments in the construction industry? The best way to ensure this is to train your employees. To this end, hold regular training sessions in which you let your employees know about recent developments in the construction industry. Naturally, this also means you’ll need to keep up with your own career training as well.


4. Poor Communication

Managers sometimes make the mistake of thinking they know everything about the construction industry and the project at hand. Therefore, they don’t find it necessary to take suggestions from members of their teams. But the problem with this approach is that it rarely leads to the successful completion of a project.

To avoid this type of scenario, work to improve communication with and among your team. Find out what your workers and colleagues know about the progress of the project. Continuing the feedback loop and listening to the opinions of others will allow you to better lead the project toward success. What’s more, it will also enable you to learn things you didn’t know before about the construction workflow on this particular project.

5. Not Listening to Construction Project Field Workers

Who spends their whole day in the field working toward the successful completion of your project? Your field workers, that’s who. And it’s essential for you to stay in touch with the people who are working on the project. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any important details.

Field workers have a better sense of where on the path a project is at any given time. In fact, they often have a much better understanding of the project than a manager does, especially if the manager sits in an air-conditioned office making uninformed decisions.

So never underestimate the importance of listening to feedback from your field workers. Get their thoughts and opinions about aiming toward the completion of the project every single day. Only in this way will you have a full understanding of what works and what doesn’t.


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