4 Blog Content Ideas to Market Your Real Estate Agency

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Real estate is a competitive industry. Although any given region has countless firms, most people don’t carefully choose their individual agent. Instead, they opt for an agent recommended by friends or just the first firm that comes up in a Google search. If you want to stand out to locals searching for the perfect real estate agency, these blog content strategies could grab their attention. They can help you build your client base by improving your rankings and serving up relevant content.


1. The Buyer FAQ

As a real estate agent at an agency, you undoubtedly get a lot of the same questions from buyers. And, although there’s a certain reassurance that comes from hearing answers directly from their agent, clients also want to be prepared. 

One way to support potential clients is by providing answers to common buyer questions. By presenting your answers and resources to frequent concerns in the form of a blog post, you demonstrate to clients your ability to meet their needs. This helps build trust whether they’re first-time buyers or have been around the block a few times.

2. Local Insights

One of the hardest things about moving to a new area is not knowing what’s available to you. For instance, where grocery stores are in the area, bus lines, or what special events happen in town. 

So, by creating content highlighting regional interests, your real estate agency can help people learn about the area. You will help them decide whether it’s a good fit for them. Plus, it will help keep your agency at the front of mind as they return to your content as a high-value reference.

3. Explore Infographics

Infographics may no longer be in their heyday, but they’re still a great way to communicate with clients you’ve acquired at your real estate agency. People find infographics to be an engaging tool and easily accessible. Furthermore, much like people prefer pictures and video to text, they’ll often spend more time engaging with an infographic than they would with a typical post.

Look into available real estate infographics or work with design specialists to create your own graphics, catering to your specific audience. You might just find they drive a significant increase in time spent on-page.


4. Upgrade Your Media

While those outside the media industry may still be responsive to infographics, if you have the budget, you should upgrade the media on your real estate agency blog. Look into developing video content, podcasts, and even white papers or eBooks for professionals in associated fields. 

Though the average real estate client isn’t looking for white papers, and may not know what a white paper is. If you can reach people in industries like landscaping and renovations, you may find that they pass your name along to their clients looking to sell.

Every business needs a blog. By developing quality content, you won’t just ensure that your company’s website maintains the rankings it deserves. You’ll also help your real estate agency to start creating critical connections with clients before they make direct contact. 

Your blog opens the lines of communication while also promoting your services and that’s an undeniably powerful combination.


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