WebP by Default Merged Into Core for WordPress 6.1

WebP by Default Merged Into Core for WordPress 6.1

WebP, an image format developed by Google, which is intended to replace JPEG, PNG, and GIF file formats, will soon be generated by default for new JPEG image uploads in WordPress and used for website content. The main work for this feature was committed to core for inclusion in the upcoming WordPress 6.1 release.

The initial proposal was revised after significant critical feedback. The most notable changes include automatically generating WebP versions of only core image sizes, keeping secondary (WebP) sub-sizes only if they are smaller than the primary MIME type, and only generating WebP images for image sizes that are intended for use in user-facing front-end content.

Despite a raft of revisions, and filters to control or disable WebP uploads, the proposal remained controversial. Contributors continue to report issues after testing. Many still have reservations about whether this should be opt-in or on by default.

“When converting medium-resolution photographs (approx 1600px – 2500px on the long edge), WebP files are often larger than the JPEG equivalent,” WordPress developer Mark Howells-Mead commented on the main ticket for WebP work. “(In my tests using my own photography, in around 60% of cases.) This change might make the ‘modern image format’ test of Page Speed Insights happy, but enforcing WebP by default on sites which use a lot of photography will often cause longer image loading times.”

Some developers are supportive of the change but prefer for it to be off by default when it is first rolled out, to allow the ecosystem to prepare for the change.

“I definitely see it as a big advantage to add Core support for additional MIME types for sub-sized image files,” Matthias Reinholz said. “But I can’t see adding conversion to a specific other file format as preferred behavior. This may help to optimize the market position of WebP but it will also be a serious threat to plugin authors and existing larger websites that do not pay attention to this change.

“Therefore, I’m questioning why this functionality should be activated by default at this stage. IMHO, it should be opt-in only. Plus ideally, we would already start to think about adding further image formats to be supported by this feature.”

NerdPress founder Andrew Wilder created a separate ticket urging contributors to consider making the feature opt-in, but the ticket was closed and conversation directed back to the main ticket so as not to splinter the discussion.

“Making these new features opt-in instead of opt-out would be the best way to be cautious about potential impacts,” Wilder said.

“There have been many requests for this to be opt-in (as well as some asking for a setting on the Media page, rather than only a filter for developers). So far there hasn’t been any open conversation about why that’s not being taken into consideration.”

The notion that WebP by default should be opt-in was summarily dismissed and the conversation was not revisited before the changes were committed.

“The feature will have widespread benefits for users by opting in core sizes (to start) – if it were entirely opt-in it would have little impact – or benefit,” Google-sponsored Core Committer Adam Silverstein said in response to opponents.

In response to suggestions that this feature ship with a UI for enabling it on the media page, Silverstein said, “We have discussed both suggestions in chats and issues with mixed responses. Project philosophy is regularly mentioned as aligning with the current approach.”

The ticket remains open awaiting patches for a few loose threads on the technical implementation. Contributors have continued to chime in with additional concerns.

The Performance team has a new blog where people can follow updates on their current projects and proposals. Now that the main WebP work has been committed, the next steps will discussed in future meetings with notes posted to the new Core Performance blog.

Is My Husband Entitled to Half My Business If We Divorce?

Is My Husband Entitled to Half My Business If We Divorce?

Featured image by cottonbro via Pexels

Divorce can be a complicated process where dividing finances are concerned. This is especially true when one party owns a company. Understandably, business owners will be concerned about the implications of a divorce for their company. We have highlighted some of the most commonly raised issues and take a look at how you can protect your business if your marriage breaks down.

Does the Law Consider My Business to Be a Financial Asset?

In the majority of cases, the law considers a business to be a financial matrimonial asset. This asset can be anything from full ownership to shares or other associated aspects of a business. 

The courts consider all the financial resources of both spouses during the divorce process. Therefore, if you own a business, it is likely to feature in financial proceedings and your spouse will may end up with a share of its value during the divorce proceedings.

However, there are plenty of matters that the court will take into consideration. Their aim is to make the final financial arrangement fair to both partners, so it is not necessary to worry unduly. What the court will look at are factors such as your ongoing needs, as well as your ex-partner’s needs and the needs of your children. Additionally, the court will take into account your financial obligations and the standard of living you all enjoyed before the divorce proceedings.


What If I Owned the Company Before the Marriage? 

It is possible to argue that the court should not take a business into account if it you established it long before the marriage took place. However, if the income from the business provided a certain standard of living for the other partner for a reasonable length of time, then it is likely to be included in financial matters. Your former partner could claim that they are entitled to a share of your company after the divorce, even if they have no day-to-day involvement in it. 

How Is a Company Divided During a Divorce?

The main consideration for the court is to ensure that the financial settlement is fair to both parties. They are quite reluctant to agree to a settlement that is damaging to a successful business, however. So the court will look at other ways of dividing up the overall financial resources.

If you don’t want your company involved, this may mean agreeing to increased spousal maintenance payments or allowing your former partner to keep a greater share of the assets.

Here are a few of the options:


This is where another financial asset offsets the value of the business. This might include the family home as well as other property or investments. An example of this may be offsetting a pension, whereby one party may get the pension after the divorce while the other will receive the business.

Spousal Maintenance

In cases where a company generates a reasonable income, a spouse could accept ongoing payments for a specific period instead of being bought out or accepting a stake in the business. This is money the business pays to a former spouse. It is not the same as child maintenance payments. These are separate. If one partner remarries or passes away, then spousal maintenance will come to an end.

Buying Out

Buying out your husband or wife from the business is also an option. This is where one partner agrees to pay a certain amount to the other partner with any existing funds they have or can raise.


Although selling a business in order to achieve a fair financial settlement is not a common route, it might be the only option in rare cases. In these situations, the business is sold and the profits are divided between the divorcing couple.

All of these options are all subject to tax implications and other conditions regarding the transfer or sale of shares. Therefore, it is important to seek professional financial advice before considering which is best for your situation. 

How Can I Protect My Business in a Divorce? 

Drawing up a pre-nuptial agreement before marrying or post-nuptial agreement afterward can provide an element of protection for your business. These arrangements establish an agreement about how the business should be handled if there is a breakdown in the marriage. However, it is important to note that these agreements are not legally binding. Instead, the courts will consider them if certain criteria have been fulfilled.

You should also consider whether or not you should make your husband a director. Having them as a director or an employee can be advantageous from a tax perspective. However, in a divorce this can indicate to the courts that they played a greater role in the company than they actually did. An alternative could be allocating shares to them.


Conclusion: Speak to a Professional If You’re Going Through a Divorce

Bringing a business into the equation in the face of a divorce can be worrying and complicated on occasions. To put your mind at rest and understand your position, it is worthwhile speaking to a qualified legal expert.


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