5 Reasons to Outsource Software Development to Poland

5 Reasons to Outsource Software Development to Poland

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You might be surprised to learn that Poland is one of the best places to look if you need to outsource software development. More and more startups are choosing to outsource their IT projects. In many cases, this is because they are short on technical expertise, time, and money.

And in recent years, Poland—yes, Poland—has gained popularity among startup owners who are looking for outsourcing services. These global clients have found that they can satisfy their IT needs in Poland. This is because it’s one of the best countries in central and eastern Europe when it comes to software development. Companies there provide them with the technical skills they require while reducing development costs. Best of all, there is no loss of quality.


What Are the Major Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development to Polish Companies?

The Country Has a Stable and Healthy Economy

Poland’s growing economy is one of the chief reasons why many international clients outsource their software development projects to Polish IT vendors. Moreover, the statistics speak for themselves. The country’s GDP has been growing since 2016. According to the European Commission, its growth is expected to continue in 2022. Additionally, Poland had the biggest GDP per capita growth in the OECD and Europe between 1990 and 2015.

The country’s high ranking in Tholons Services Globalization Index 2020—Poland ranked 15th in 2020—is another reason companies all around the world seek out IT companies in that country for their development projects.

Poland Is Home to a Dynamically Growing IT Market

In addition to a growing economy, Poland is known for its dynamic IT market. In 2020, the Polish information and communications technology (ICT) market hit $19.3 billion. By the end of 2021, analysts believe that market in Poland will exceed $20 billion. Currently, the IT market accounts for 3.3% of Polish GDP.

Moreover, the number of outsourcing providers in Poland, especially for software development, is pretty impressive. What this means is that as a client you have a wide choice of potential outsourcing partners for your project. What’s more, the Polish IT market is expanding.

This is chiefly due to large numbers of international companies that are now opening their development centers and other divisions in Poland. They not only create new job opportunities for Polish software engineers but they also bring new tech talents from around the world.

Poland has a large number of software houses, which means a lot of rivalry in the domestic market. One of the organizations associated with the programming industry in Poland is SoDA (Software Development Association Poland). The organization aims to promote, grow, and integrate Polish software companies.

Highly Skilled Software Engineers Will Work on Your Project

Poland is known for a wide variety of technical universities that attract students from around the world. There are 23 universities of technology in Poland, and over 15,000 tech specialists graduate every year. But universities aren’t the only sources of highly qualified technicians.

Poland is home to one of the largest tech talent pools in Eastern Europe, and the country collects tech brains from around the world. Global industry leaders contribute to overall tech talent development as well. Intel, for example, recently opened a large R&D laboratory in Gdansk.

The favorable socio-economic conditions have attracted highly skilled and motivated software engineers. While western Europe is experiencing a tech talent shortage, talented technicians have been relocating to Poland from nearshore countries, including Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and other countries in the region. In short, you’ll find no lack of talent when you outsource your software development project here.

Additionally, members of Poland’s younger generations tend to be interested in social sciences and technical disciplines. Various vocational accelerator programs such as innovation labs and co-working spaces, such as the Google Campus in Warsaw, contribute to the growing interest in technologies and innovations.

International IT companies are another appealing factor for programmers, and 66% of IT firms in Poland have foreign roots. As a result, the Harvard Business Review ranked Poland fifth among the most tech-skilled labor markets in the world.

Not only are Polish developers technically proficient, they are also fluent in English. In fact, Poland ranks 16th in English proficiency out of 100 countries on the EF English Proficiency Index. This is an important reason to consider outsourcing your software development project to Poland.

The Location and Time Zone Are Convenient for US and European Companies

Poland’s competitive geographical location attracts many clients from Europe and the US. With most European countries, Poland has no time zone differences or has a similar time zone, with only one or two hours’ difference. This makes it easy for Polish techs to travel to the client’s office and have close communication as the project launches and proceeds.

In fact, there are typically few to no issues related to time zone differences. This makes Poland a great country for hiring a remote software development team.

And even though Poland’s time zone difference ranges from six to nine hours with the US, it’s also quite popular among US companies when they want to hire an offshore development team. With the right approach, US-based clients can make the most of the time zone difference by organizing a 24/7 development process in cooperation with their in-house workforce.

Outsourcing Software Development to Poland Is Cost-Efficient

IT outsourcing is not just about cheap services. It’s also about cost-efficiency and achieving an ideal value-price ratio. Many US companies can’t afford to hire local developers, so they go to offshore locations. Poland is one of their countries of interest.

This is because Poland has one of the lowest labor costs compared to the US and western Europe when it comes to outsourcing software development. According to Clutch, Poland’s outsourcing companies’ hourly rates are much lower than those in the US. On average, for example, they range from $25 to $99 per hour.

By outsourcing software development to Poland, European and US clients get high-level technical proficiency at an affordable price, making such investment cost-efficient.


Outsource Your Software Development Project to Poland

IT outsourcing services are a new normal for companies seeking cost-effective software development opportunities. Choosing the best location for outsourcing your IT project will lead to greater success. Poland is one of the best countries in Eastern Europe to invest in if you plan to outsource your software development project in the near future.

As a country with a stable and growing economy, it attracts the world’s IT industry leaders. Poland offers high-quality technical expertise at affordable prices. Poland’s IT specialists are known for their high degree of competency in programming languages, innovative technologies, and more. Located in the heart of Europe, Poland is a perfect location for setting up both nearshore and offshore teams. In short, outsourcing development to Poland is a winning solution for clients, regardless of their location.


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